10-12 August, 2012, Ventspils, Latvia

«Art Camp 2012» -

the creative camp for photographers at

the Baltic sea!


Art Camp – these are master classes from masters of photo art from Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Israel, open-airs, work with models and make-up artists, participants’ portfolio discussion and photo competitions!

 Art Camp – that is a creative atmosphere, an informal dialogue with masters of photo art, carnival and parties!

 Art Camp – these are hundreds of professional and amateurs photographers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Belarus which are united by one: they, as well as you, look at the world through a camera objective!


Video from festival «Art Camp 2011»
Video from festival «Art Camp 2010»




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To be there where nobody was, to be the first and unique witness of the event and to inform a society - this is a motivation of photojournalist work.

The principal singularity of photojournalism is its documentation. The report brings the information. The information must be, first of all, true. Hence, the report should eliminate stylization, design, and theatricality. In other words, it is admissible only to enter an event through a prism of the author perception.

Development of technologies made photojournalism more mobile and realistic, as well as created the big responsibility for the photographer. However the technology also demands a more skilful photographer, a more critical editor and a more interesting story. Media and a society demand portrayal of new events even in a more interesting and loud way.

The photojournalism is more than a message about the event. Just as in journalism it is not enough to write one sentence, as in cinematography it is not enough to shoot one cadre for the film, in photojournalism the report cannot consist of one picture. The reporting contains the information in correlation in due course, space and action, communication of the reason and consequences that the problem in the report, could be expanded, finished to the culmination, and uncovered.  As well as in the literature, in cinematic art, and in television it is very applicable in a photograph. By photograph the photographer tells us the documental, capturing and emotional story.

Join us and learn more about this genre of photography!

Staged photography

It is realization of the plan of the director.

It is a theatre of emotions and story, which have frozen for an instant. The photographer when taking a picture of everyday life becomes a director, but the people at cadre – the actors.

It is a creative process which requires from the photographer not only proficiency of photographing but also skills of direction and a multiplicity of ideas for creation of original story and ability to improvise.

At such shooting certainly there is an idea which is realized in a finished picture and transforms ordinary subjects to the intelligent information report.

"To seize entertaining, "peeped" in life moments by shooting suddenly is possible rather seldom. To tell the truth, in 99 % of cases at photographing there is a preliminary direction. Absolutely imperceptible shooting actually is much more difficult, than it seems to inexperienced amateur. After all if we, for example, want to photograph with the small device group of talking or working people, there are only several instants enough for people to notice our intentions and try to strike corresponding poses for shooting, and could be, they simply turn back to us."  From the photographer Jeno Dulovich book "My technique my pictures".

A scene, in usual life, having created for an instant, disappears just before you will press the camera button.

If you consider, that the photography is creativity, why couldn’t you recreate the same scene?

Photo post-processing

How to convert a good photo to the excellent?

This process is for most part obligatory. Non-perfect characteristics of an objective and a matrix, difficult shooting conditions – that all influence negatively the quality of the picture. Besides the camera sees a lot of „unnecessary" things – a detailed texture of the skin, make-up defects, the hairs which have been beaten out from a hairdo. The photographer bypasses it, concentrating on dialogue, personal qualities and emotional contact.

Processing helps to correct deficiencies of the made photo, cleans a mechanical nature of the picture, approaches it to a live image, reduces distractions from the main point and certainly gives attractiveness to a shot.

Besides, the photo processing allows to move a story on other background or to clean superfluous details. A full scope of imagination opens here for the photographer. The ultimate result depends on desire and inspiration.

All processes which change an initial picture refer to the art of photo processing. This includes toning of a photo, sepia, black-and-white photo, picture stylization, creation of additional elements on photos, photo collage creation.

Art of photo processing can change accents in a whole picture and its original variant. The art of manipulation allows development of pictures which cannot be exists in a reality. It is the stylized processing of a photo under a water color or a pencil, coal or a pastel, and also combination of photos from different events of life.

Our task is to teach how to use these methods and to make your pictures be "alive", convex, and interesting.

Stylistic and visage

The visagiste and stylist profession is one of the most creative and most unusual.

They have power to bright individuality and to create unique style.

In a short moment of time real professionals can accentuate accomplishments, glaze unsatisfactory features and even change appearance of the person beyond recognition.

Their skills, knowledge and ability are required during advertising performances, in modelling agencies and shows.

Aleksandrs Reznik


Alexandr Reznik`s main occupation is the information security and teaching of information technologies. He started photography in 1990 at age 14. Alexandr Reznik discovered panoramic photography in the year 2009. The first in Lithuania began to publish spherical panoramas in Google Earth. Author of the largest in Lithuania gigapiksel photos (7 and 23 gigapixel). Since 2009 he has been conducting photo courses (https://www.facebook.com/fotokursy)

Lecture: "The panoramic picture. Spherical and gigapixel panoramas - the nuances of photography and usage examples"

Anita Vaivode

Anita Vaivode is a photo editor of the largest photo informational agency in Latvia SIA "F64 Photo Agency". In everyday life, she coordinates 14 photographers and the selection of photos to 20 different publishers and a variety of news agencies.

Lecture: "Information Agency and its main settings - news and reportage photography" 

Nikolay Shelushenkov

The professional photographer. The head of photoschool «PORTRET». The organizer and the participant of various photo-exhibitions in Latvia and outside. Annual photo plein-air «ArtCamp» co-organizer.


Lecture: "Wedding photography"

  • Wedding photography - a report or staged photography?
  • How to shoot in bright afternoon sun?
  • How to photograph the bride's white dress?
  • Where to shoot interesting walk?
  • How to make a group shot?
  • View photos on the theme?

Martin Kudryavtsev

A professional photographer. Shooting of advertising, landscapes, architecture and interiors. Master of the photography (Latvijas amatniecības kamera). Photographer of the magazines "SALON interior" (Russia), DOMUS (Russia), "Best Interiors" (Russia). "Best Photographer 2006" by the magazine "LATVIJAS Arhitektura". The Grand Prize winner of the contest "RIGA 800" (Rigas Dome, 2001). Author of numerous postcards and calendars about Riga and Latvia. 


Lecture: Shooting of the urban landscape

Imants Silkāns

Imants Silkalns was born in 1965. He started creative photography in the year 2005. Imants Silkalns participated in various joint exhibitions, projects and competitions in Latvia and abroad. Currently he leads the creative union «Asums».


Lecture: "How to create photo projects?"

  1. Photo project in a group of photographers.
  2. Individual project.
  3. Practical work throughout the event: project "ArtCamp 2012" for a multimedia project www.storyplanet.com

Viesturs Links


Igor Sakharov

Igor Sakharov is one of the best Russian advertising photographers, the multiple winner of the international competitions of an advertising photography, member of the Artists' Union, member of the Advertising Photographers` Guild, the first and the one Russian photographer who got the rank of «Qualified European Advertising Photographer». He studied and had an internship in Germany and his total experience in photo business is more than 15 years. Igor Sakharov is widely known as a photographer, who creates professional photography of any level of difficulty..

Master class: Drawing by light in studio conditions.


Sergey Romanov


Seminar: "Working on an advertising project"

Igor Klimov

A professional photographer. His main specialization is a Still-Life and Advertising photography, work with glass and reflective surfaces.


Lecture "Tips and secrets of the glass shooting"

  • Glass, its quality and properties.
  • Tools and materials needed to create high-quality and interesting pictures.
  • Work with the wine in the studio.
  • A spectacular shot of beer foam.
  • Glass in the dynamics.

Natalie Berezina

Natalie Berezina is a professional photographer specializing in model test and fashion photography. She works together with leading model agencies in Milan, London, Latvia and Lithuania.

 Lecture: "Model Test Photography"

Goals and objectives of model photography;

Regional specific features of model photography;

Work features with newbie model.


Gatis Rosenfeld

Gatis Rosenfeld manages the largest photo informational agency in Latvia SIA "F64 Photo Agency". In the 1995 Gatis Rosenfeld came to the capital to study philosophy at the University of Latvia, and in parallel began training in the Andrew Grant`s photo studio of TJN. Later he began working as a press operator of the photo agency AFI, and in the 1999 th together with Maris Lochmelis and Imants Kikulis created a photo studio F5. In 2003 Gatis Rosenfeld started his own photo studio F64, and few years later the news agency was created in cooperation with the “Mediju nams”. Gatis Rosenfeld`s photos is largely formed the individuality of the Latvian fashion and advertising photography.


Vladimir Fedotko

Russian artist and photographer. Currently lives and works in St. Petersburg. Vladimir Fedotko graduated institute of motion-picture engineers, then joined the Fine Arts Faculty of A.Herzen University. At different stages of life he "was a night loader, scout-gunner, expressive artist, depressive sloth." In 2005, after becoming acquainted with Photoshop, he began to combine traditional drawing, photography and computer processing in his work. The topics of Vladimir Fedotko work are everything that set wondering and joy. The inspiring element of his work is life itself in its various aspects.


Lecture: «Digital-art»

Irina Bedrataya and Julia Zhuk

Best of Style Salon owners

Masterclass: French braiding. 

Una Bernatovich

The image school-studio "Unastyle" founder, a participant and a winner of many international competitions, internationally certified judge and competition coach.

Lecture: "Make-up - an important component of image".

  • how to show the character and temperament of women through the use of make-up;
  • how to make a harmonious and image corresponding make-up;
  • skin color, eyebrows, eyes, lips - source of image;
  • line, shape, color in make-up;
  • creation of general image.


Ligita Prodniece

stylist, make-up artist, lecturer, consultant within the realm of color and purchases.

Ligita has begun her career in 1993, assuming the position of consultant within the realm of color and style with one of the world’s leading enterprises, the "Beauty For All Seasons" company.

Having been certified as an international instructor in USA, Ligita began to transfer her skills to the upcoming color and style specialists in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Norway. Her achievements also include founding and popularizing the “change of appearance” sections of various periodicals, fulfilled in partnership with the “Sieviete” magazine. She has also been engaged in cooperation with numerous magazines, TV shows and beauty contests

Her experience as a tutor includes training seminars held at various Latvian enterprises, support centers for women and within different charity projects. As a consultant on color, style and make-up she practices in her studio: stilastudija.lv

Practise: how to use scarves, shawls and accessories for the visual transformation

Participants are desirable to take their own scarves, shawls, beads, etc. along

Irina Salish


The teacher of Make Up Atelier Paris in Riga, the visagiste of Mrs. Universe 2009 final competition, the visagiste of young executants competition New Wave in Jurmala, the visagiste of Riga Fashion Week, the triple champion of Baltic on a fantasy make-up with body-art elements, the prize-winner of the open championships on a make-up, a member of the Baltic Association of visagistes (Latvia).


Roman Kaboshko and Evia Blagaya

The School of special effects and make-up "COLEX". Speciālists of special effects, film and theater makeup, Roman and Evia are involved in the shooting of videos, movies and fairy tales, do their own art show.


Master class on special effects.

Person transformation, using make-up, in various monsters, werewolves, vampires, fantastic characters etc., also creation of various wounds, damages, other unusual changes of a skin and external look entirely.

(he uses for work - PRO products, latex, gummosis, plaster, plasto vax, blood etc., also a complete spectrum of decorative cosmetics)

Romualdas Požerskis

Romualdas Požerskis is a Lithuanian photographer and a 1990 recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize. He attended Kaunas Kaunas Polytechnic Institute from 1969 to 1975, and has been a member of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers since 1976.

In 2004 Romualdas Pozherskis awarded the Alfred Toefler for his contribution to the development and preservation of cultural heritage of Central and Western Europe. In 2005 he was awarded by the Knight's Cross for merits to Lithuania, and in 2006 - "Golden Cross of Merits" by Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Since 1993, R. Pozherskis held lectures on the history and aesthetics of photography at the Kaunas University.

R. Pozherskis` creativity makes viewers look differently to the relationships between people. The man is real and harmonious, primarily because he is not pulled out of life space.

R. Pozherskis` photos are documentarily true. They are characterized by: accuracy, good-natured sense of hidden, sometimes ironic, smile, the depth of life philosophy. Their photographic authenticity is often comparable to the accuracy of speech writer.

Gunars Binde

Creative meeting

Elizabeth Egorova

She started to draw in childhood. In parallel with the middle and high school Jelizaveta Jegorova graduated art school, where studied the basics of composition, painting and drawing. She received a graphic designer's degree. She studied drawing, painting, composition, graphics, ornamental composition, sculpture, computer graphics, and more. Now engaged in painting and runs a variety of activities for children and adults.

Workshop for children (5-10 years): "The world of creativity and educational games"

(limited to pre-record at registration on the first day of the festival) 


Activities during the course of "Art Camp 2012"

Photo exhibition "The World through the child’ eyes"

From August, 10 till August, 12th, 2012 as part of photo festival "Art Camp 2012" photo exhibition "The World through the child’ eyes" will be arranged. This exhibition is a part of the International social short film festival "Naked King". The exhibition is not just an attempt to take another look at the world, see it from another angle and find out a lot of interesting things, but also the opportunity to look at ourselves through the eyes of unspoiled child. Currently photo-exhibition "The World through the child’ eyes"numbers more than 300 photos from 8 countries: Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, the USA, Ukraine.

For photo festival participants a featuring of the best films of the festival "Naked King" will be arranged 

Within a week after "Art Camp 2012" demonstration of the festival "Naked King" best films will be held for all Ventspils inhabitants.

Photo competition "My friend" for photo festival participants

Competition "The best self-made camera"

Competition "The best report about Art Camp 2012"



Registration and accommodation of photo festival «Art Camp 2012» participants will begin on August, 10th (Friday) at 12:00 at the Center of Performing Arts“Jūras vārti”.

15 lectures and creative meetings with photo masters, and also body-art and make-up master classes, competitions and the entertaining evening program will pass in three days.

Festival closing on Sunday at 15:00.






10.08 Friday
12:00-13:00 Registration
13:00-14:00 Accommodation
14:00-15:00 Opening
15:00-16:30 Workshops 1 (3 parallels)
16:30-17:10 Novelties from Nikon
17:10-17:30 Pause
17:30-19:30 Public lecture 
19:30-21:30 Supper and free time
21:30-23:30 Featuring of the festival "Naked King" best films
23:30-05:00 Nighttime program in club

11.08 Saturday
08:00-10:00 Breakfast and free time
10:00-13:00 Public lecture 
13:00-15:30 Lunch and free time
15:30-16:00 Pause
16:00-17:30 Workshops 2 (3 parallels)
17:30-18:00 Pause
18:00-19:30  Workshops 3 (3 parallels)
19:30-21:30 Supper and free time
21:30-05:00 Nighttime program at the sea

12.08 Sunday
05:00-08:00 Plein-air by the sea 
08:00-10:00 Breakfast and free time
10:00 Surrender of keys of the hotel
10:00-11:30 Workshops 4 (3 parallels)
11:30-12:00 Pause
12:00-13:30 Workshops 5 (3 parallels)
13:30-14:00 Closing

Within a week after "Art Camp 2012" demonstration of the festival "Naked King" best films will be held for all Ventspils inhabitants.












"Young participants should approve themselves in photography; hence, it is important to communicate with adherents, to see experts and classics. Most important — to broaden their horizons!"

Gunars Binde

"No matter what we are doing in our life, it leads to the learning of the world and self-comprehension in this world. The photography is not an exception. Each has the personal experience, but, as a rule, it is difficult to evaluate the value of achievements and truth of the selected way. Some people, on basis of self-experience, speak, some — do not. Both take photographs.

Art Camp is a good possibility to learn others` opinion, to get free of your own creative power` constraints and to acquire reliance that all of us follow the same purpose irrespective of skin color, language or age. Wise men say that God has no religion. Also the Art Camp has not; we love each and every one who has chosen this way."

Valts Kleins


„… Art Camp has grown to grandiose international action. And speaking by experience level of people which were on the first Art Camp and whom I’ve taught as the psychologist, I see as people grew from the ground up to highly professional photographers. Even newbie photographers think about photography very intricately, very interestingly, very deeply. And it is certainly amazing..”

Artur Dombrovsky


"Art Camp it isn't simple event. It is as the big ball of energy where youth and inexperience closely intertwines with skill and wisdom. It is a place where pooling of experience, knowledge, information, energy, impressions, discussions and emotions happens. A place where it is possible to find answers to the questions, to get a shot in the arm to something new, to reach potential, to receive inspiration, to make new friends. A place where everyone is important and integral part of single entity"

Ilona Pulkstene


"Everyone always searches for something, and this search goes with various speeds. Sometimes slowly, but sometimes very quickly. When people gather in one big friendly company, it allows them to search much faster"

Nikolay Shelushenkov


"The most important quality of the photographer-traveller to be able to inform about things you have seen, and to inform not only from visual point of view, but also from spiritual point of view. It is very important to forward emotions. If I saw it, if it has touched me, it means, I should inform, show, interest, and inflame the person. It seems to me, the most important advice in this particular case will be to practise as much as possible and try to see, try to get over the standpoint"

Alexandr Vovny

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Organizers` contacts (any questions)

Mob. (371) 28292249 (Ilona)
Mob. (371) 29414374 (Pavel)
Mob. (371) 26613515 (Nikolay)
E-mail: info@artcamp.lv

Bus schedule Riga-Ventspils 

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